Links 5/27/16

Links for you. Science:

Scientists track last 2,000 years of British evolution
It’s the Data, Stupid: What Elsevier’s purchase of SSRN also means
Patients challenge Myriad Genetics for access to their gene data
Why haven’t we already canceled all subscriptions?
Preserving Ireland’s Ancient, Mysterious Tree-Based Alphabet


Doom and Gloom Democrats
In Contrast to Bernie Sanders, the Washington Post Promises Real Protectionism
Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob?
Here’s The Final SafeTrack Plan From Metro
It’s No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car ‘Crashes’ Instead
How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS: Extremist clerics and secretive associations funded by Saudis and others have transformed a once-tolerant Muslim society into a font of extremism
Clintons continue to tout legacy where others see era of mistakes and scandal
Democrats Can’t Unite Unless Wasserman Schultz Goes!
Metro fires 20 managers, many from subway operations
Prevailing Wage Is a Veterans Issue
This ed-reform trend is supposed to motivate students. Instead, it shames them. (wrote about this here)
If Politicians Actually Want to Make Change, They Have to Think Like Organizers
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Independent Voters

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