Links 5/25/16

Links for you. Science:

Release the Kraken: While fish are disappearing from the oceans, squid, octopus, and cuttlefish populations have been rising since the 1960s. Why?
Postdocs getting a pay raise, but many say it’s not nearly enough (post-docs are a bargain compared to what they could get outside of academia)
Swarms of Octopus Are Taking Over the Oceans
The Most Damning Excerpts From The Congressional Report On The NFL’s Improper Meddling With Concussion Research
Why you SHOULD respond to student requests


Adam Gopnik and Liberal Trump Fantasies (must-read)
Remembrance of Booms Past (I think it’s worse than Krugman states)
Burying the White Working Class: Liberal condescension towards white workers is code for a broader anti-working class agenda.
Machine Bias: There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks
Who Loses in Globalization?
Bad arguments against Marxism
In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains
Liberal Advocacy Group Comes Out Against Obama’s Big Overtime Rule: U.S. PIRG says it will face a choice between paying staffers more or working them less. Which is the whole idea
Destroying Medicare to Save ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s “Public Option” Plan
The Sand Mines That Ruin Farmland
Hillary Clinton’s campaign just released the worst Venn diagram of all time
Gillette Wanted To Turn Rochester Into An Utopian Paradise
Karl Polanyi for President
When “Public Interest” Means “Oppressing Workers”
We live in a Two Party System, but we are NOT a Two Party Electorate. We Ignore This at Our Peril.

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