Links 5/15/16

Links for you. Science:

There’s Still Hope for the Great Barrier Reef
A Gorgeous Guide to the Earliest Computers
John Oliver does p-hacking, bad science reporting, and oxytocin bullshit. It’s glorious
A Window Into the Workings of Zika
The ‘slow motion crisis’ that’s facing U.S. forests


The Hills Are Dead — Without the Sound of Internet Access
At schools with sub-par Internet, kids face a poor connection with modern life
Common Core Problems
What Donald Trump Is Telling Us about Popular Understanding of Debt and Assets
Child Labor in Tobacco
The anti-Corbyn militants have failed
Never mind the bus pass: punks look back at their wildest days
Officer accuses Houston girl who used $2 bill in school lunch line of forgery
Why Are Jews the Only Minority We Don’t Protect On College Campuses?
Bernie Sanders Misses Chance to Explain Government’s Role in Life Expectancy Gap
Hillary Clinton just issued a challenge to progressives. They should take her up on it. (but make sure they don’t become a fig leaf)
Brass knuckles attack puts state senate candidate in hospital
If you think college faculty are liberal, it’s only because American politics has twisted your perspective
What Trump’s Rise Means for Democracy
Rising U.S. Rents Squeeze the Middle Class
Donald Trump Gets Something Right: The US Can Avoid Defaults by Printing Money
ABC News Says That Spending 0.03 Percent of GDP on Fixing Lead Pipes Is “Colossal” Cost
If you take a selfie at this Hirshhorn show, you’re part of the problem (no doubt, the author is silencing voices. Or something)
This Is What It’s Like To Actually Be Told You Have Zika

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