Links 5/10/16

Links for you. Science:

Best Heckle Ever
An Engineer’s Argument for Basic Research.
Drug Resistant Malaria Parasites Not Spread By Mosquitoes
Hiatus, indefinite
Hong Kong superbug surge prompts fears over ‘big gun’ antibiotics: Statistics reveal a seven-fold rise in one particular type of superbug case, more than 30 per cent of which were imported
Study: Cities Have Unique ‘Bacterial Fingerprints’ (funny)


Today, I voted to authorize my union at CUNY to call a strike
Got a Hot Seller on Amazon? Prepare for E-Tailer to Make One Too
Maryland To Become The Second State To Guarantee Fair Minimum Wage For Workers With Disabilities
Malloy and Wyman seek to turn their “Wisconsin Moment” into a Wisconsin Era (this is what New Democrats do: lie and then turn on their supposed allies)
Hillary Clinton’s Pathetic Fiscal Plans (yes, she’s a deficit hawk and that’s a bad thing)
How Wartime Washington Lives in Luxury
Big Money in Politics: The Clinton Defense Won’t Cut It
Should simplicity be a primary goal of tax reform?
How did Success Academy high school do on the Regents? (to the extent anyone can tell, not well)
Washington’s Libido for the Ugly: Surveying the real estate choices of Washington’s contractors, lobbyists and corporate lawyers reveals the raw, nouveau-riche tastes of our capital’s shadow government (worth noting that he’s describing the suburbs, not the city itself)
Ernest Hemingway Joins the #Content Industry
Donald Trump speaks like a sixth-grader. All politicians should.
Just watched Bernie Sanders’s speech at a rally in Louisville. It was one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen a politician give.
How Parental Power(lessness) Distinguishes Suburban Public Schools from Urban Charters

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