Links 4/27/16

Links for you. Science:

The Rube Goldberg Experiment of Hiring Under Represented Minorities and Harassment of Women in STEM Must End
Tempted to follow that celebrity health trend? Check with this guy first
The End of the Line for the Isle Royale Wolves
A perspective on 16S rRNA operational taxonomic unit clustering using sequence similarity
Scientists unveil the ‘most clever CRISPR gadget’ so far


Sorry Bernie Bros, Your Candidate Just Doesn’t Have The Foreign Policy Experience Necessary To Prop Up A Pro-Western Dictatorship
How the Primaries Don’t Work, Colorado Edition
Why I can’t donate to WHYY
How Hillary Clinton is Like a Shitty Mechanic (excellent)
Credentialism and Corruption: Neoliberalism as Lived Experience
The US Government Loses As Much As $111 Billion Annually Due to Corporate Tax Dodging
Bernie Sanders wins Colorado with big showing at state convention (again, her people aren’t doing the little things it takes to win)
When Bitcoin Grows Up
The ugly truth about Confederate memorials
Theranos: How to Blow $9 Billion in 6 Months
My Lawn
Magical Realism, and other neoliberal delusions
Rush Limbaugh’s contract is up, his benefactors are broke, and his audience ‘toxic.’ Next?
Over-estimating neoliberialism
The dirty little secret that data journalists aren’t telling you
These Journalists Dedicated Their Lives to Telling Other People’s Stories. What Happens When No One Wants to Print Their Words Anymore?
Malloy and Wyman collect public employee political donations – then stab state employees in the back – go figure. (this is what New Democrats do)
On Israel, Sanders Is Right (And Clinton Knows It)
Someone Calculated How Many Adjunct Professors Are on Public Assistance, and the Number Is Startling
The Affordable-Housing Crisis Moves Inland
Hillary… Better Than Trump, Better Than Cruz (important history about Gillibrand)
272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown. What Does It Owe Their Descendants?

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