Links 4/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Addiction is a learning disorder: Why the war on drugs is useless, AA undermines treatment, and addiction studies can learn a lot from autism
Making things besides journal articles available
NIH Grant Lottery
NIA paylines and anti-ESI bias of review
On removing grant deadlines (I have a different take)


I Understand the Intense Loyalty to Hillary Clinton. Really, I Do. But I Can’t Share It. (must-read)
A Disconnect within the Democratic Party
Is Bernie Sanders Really Finished? Better question: Are the lessons of his campaign already lost?
Class and the Discourse
Bronx Councilman Torres leads Sanders visit to Brownsville public housing, then ENDORSES Sanders.
Here Are the 6 Most Niche Lobbying Groups in America
Why a Black man supports Sanders
Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems
‘I have a conscience’: the Wall Streeters fighting for Bernie Sanders in New York
Bernie Sanders Is Doing Something More Than Just Running for President
Mr. Or Mrs. November
Kansas voter guidelines are different, and wrong, in Spanish
Regarding Those Who Back Senator Sanders: It’s About His Advocacy of the Issues We Support. (this seems to escape many Clinton supporters, especially those who waste time dueling with Twitter eggs and randos)
40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time
D.C.’s grim, unfinished business, 154 years after emancipation
What You Don’t Know About Presidential Libraries – And the Scandalous Way in Which They Are Operated
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Take Down TurboTax
All the Sad, Broke, Literary Men
Is it RIP for WMATARU? WMATA Riders Union seems as dysfunctional as Metro right now.

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  1. flipke says:

    alternative hypothesis: Addiction is not a learning disorder (rather to the contrary). Fast dopaminergic learners in a fucked up society have an elevated risk of addiction.

    The war on drugs and AA are still useless.

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