Links 4/14/16

Links for you. Science:

No ‘science for science sake’: emails show CSIRO plans to cut climate research
Is Addiction a Learning Disorder?
This huge region of Brazil is even more deforested — and less protected — than the Amazon
‘If America Wants to Kill Science, It’s on Its Way’


Commerce Secretary Pritzker Defends Corporate Tribunals In TPP (not surprisingly, Pritzker doesn’t mention workers)
Analysis Dispels Some Beliefs about Voting in Oklahoma Primary
Gillian Tett Shows She Does Not Understand Offshore “Profits,” Parrots Corporate Propaganda Instead
The Myth that Obama’s Taking Huge Contributions from Wall Street Was Fine (clintelism at work)
Judge Rules In Favor Of D.C. $15 Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative
The Paul K Smear Patrol
What’s the Right Minimum Wage?
Nothing Bill Clinton Said To Defend His Welfare Reform Is True (I look at the economics a little differently–Greenspan kept interest rates low, and there also was a run-up in private sector debt)
The Pizza of Privilege: My Experiences with Anti-Semitism in Academia
Retirees Are Handing Wall Street Billions For No Good Reason
Hell to Pay
Money is at the heart of the Mass. charter debate
How Long Before Regionalization Is Rebranded as a Suburban Bailout?
What Will Obama’s Presidential Library Cost The Progressive Movement? (important history in the first half of the post)
So Much Savvy
How much is a library worth?
Residente: ‘Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve My Vote’
Behind #BernieMadeMeWhite

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4 Responses to Links 4/14/16

  1. Uwe Mikkelsson says:

    Fine, Mike.

    Residente will not vote for Clinton, and will to anyone within earshot about that not vote.

    When Residente and cronies then make a demand on President Clinton, President Clinton will tell them to fuck the fuck right off.

    Politics, how does it work?

    The only surprise being the masters of NIH shark pool bloodletting who obstinately refuse to comprehend such basic facts.

  2. jrkrideau says:

    Re: No science for the sake of science
    I am astounded, this is even more drastic and evil than the attacks on Canada’s National Research Council under the Harper Luddites and criminals.

  3. de vrije radicaal says:

    Is Addiction a Learning Disorder?

    I think framing this as a disorder is misguided. Addiction ‘in the brain’ -to me- seems little different from general preference learning, the mostly negative consequences of ‘substance abuse’ -apart from specific detrimental consequences of habitual intake of some substances- largely seem to be a kind of socially imposed punishment for showing a preference which is not shared by the general population and as such not deemed socially acceptable.

  4. Kay says:

    Aahh yes another story about Bostachusetts and its schools and stuff.
    Your friend in the 413

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