Links 4/12/16

Links for you. Science:

Australia Is Letting the Great Barrier Reef Die Over a Lot of Coal
Stone Age humans brought deer to Scotland by sea (I haven’t delved into the paper, but assuming no methodological or analytical errors, this is amazing)
Meet the Forgotten ‘Rocket Girls’ Who Helped NASA Reach the Stars
Why Small Birds Opt For Urban Living
No, Wait, Short Conversations Really Can Reduce Prejudice


The best evidence I’ve seen that Bernie Sanders’s political revolution might be possible
DC Press Corps Spins Itself Silly Over Sanders’ Specifics
NY Election Boards Inundated With Calls From Voters “Pissed Off” About Registration Issues (I don’t think there’s anything nefarious here, but Democrats need to get this straightened out by the general)
The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview.
The Problem That Clinton Should See and Solve: Her misconception of what, for a huge number of voters, this year’s presidential campaign is about
A Massachusetts state legislator has a big idea to ease the urban rent crisis
The War on Planned Parenthood: Inside the Republican stealth campaign to dismantle women’s reproductive rights
Density is Destiny
If we designed houses like we design cities—there wouldn’t be a lot of room for living left
Handouts Are Often Better Than a Hand Up
No, Bernie Sanders Is Not Going to Immiserate the World’s Poor
Clinton’s Resume Vs. Reality
Wisconsin, the Race Going Forward, and Hillary Clinton’s Patience
Apple invented a laptop concept that reimagines the keyboard
Regional Approach to “address operations of off-road vehicles on public roadways”?
God Save the Scene: D.C. punk has thrived for decades with the help of churches, activists, and even the library. Can it survive the city’s rapid redevelopment?
Who relies on public transit in the U.S.
Have you had an abortion? Missouri Republicans want to know. Planned Parenthood official could be arrested for not turning over names (of course, if someone related to one of these Republican had an abortion…Careful what you wish for)

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Re: Deer to islands in Northern Scotland (Orkneys and Hebrides)
    Excellent interview recorded with Dr. Jacqui Mulville, one of the authors. She sounded pretty convincing. It sounds like the genetic evidence is fairly strong that the deer were likely to have come from continental Europe, Central Europe IIRC.

    Her remark about picking up young deer like hamburgers was striking. If you have a somewhat perverted sense of humour like I do, it was quite funny.

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