Links 4/8/16

Links for you. Science:

Here’s why doctors are dumbfounded by Utah’s new anti-abortion law (when I first read about this a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out how one administers anesthesia to a fetus)
This is why evolution is poorly understood by our students — and even our science teachers
A day in the life of a young black male engineering “coding” student. (this is not helping STEM efforts)
These vitamin-fortified bananas might get you thinking differently about GMOs
The Great Mosquito Debate: Kill Them or Keep Them?


Donald Trump’s Abortion Logic Is Totally 100% Right (excellent)
Five demographic arguments for Bernie Sanders (as the campaign goes on, every trope is being overturned)
KK Can Break the Internet but She Can’t Break Feminism
The surprisingly narrow reality of America’s urban revival
Rosario Dawson: “Shame On You, Hillary”
Bernie Campaign Responds to Hillary’s Accusation of Lying about Her Contributions.
This 273-Ton Synagogue Is Being Moved for the Third Time
America’s Missing $15 Billion in Corporate Taxes
What’s so Great about Free Trade?
New York mulls two-tier minimum wage in push for $15/hour (ugh. The places that need it the most are the depressed areas)
America’s infrastructure is so bad the self-driving cars can’t even find the lanes on the road
Finding an affordable anchor in D.C.’s wave of gentrification
Vox on the Bernie Sanders Tax Tsunami
NAFTA and Auto Jobs: Would Importing Doctors from Mexico Increase Demand for Doctors in the U.S.?
Crime in St. Louis: It’s Lead, Baby, Lead
Why Are We Colonizing Puerto Rico?
The controversial reason tens of thousands of people just lost their food stamps

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  1. de vrije radicaal says:

    Funny how the raw story itself repeats the ‘promiscuous teleology’ by stating ‘Adaptation by natural selection [is], the primary mechanism of evolution..’

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