Links 4/6/16

Links for you. Science:

They study genetics and teach immunology. And they want to join the auto workers union
A Nightmare Is Unfolding In the Great Barrier Reef
Why prairies matter and lawns don’t
It Doesn’t Add Up: Andrew Hacker argues that abstract math is scary, damaging, and should be optional in American education. He should check his calculations.
Huge swaths of the Great Barrier Reef are seeing ‘severe’ coral bleaching, scientists say


Yes, Bernie Sanders Knows Something About Breaking Up Banks
The Lasting Legacy of the Boston Busing Crisis (excellent)
For Latin American environmentalists, death is a constant companion (worth noting that Clinton as Secretary of State supported the military coup as opposed to the ousted president–who didn’t murder environmentalists)
A researcher explains the sad truth: we know how to stop gun violence. But we don’t do it.
If Donald Trump Is the Only One Talking About This Issue, That’s Our Problem
End of the End of History, Redux
Welcome To Rent Court, Where Tenants Can Face A Tenuous Fate
Bernie Sanders has Hillary Clinton right where he wants her
Our porn double standard: Bree Olson slut-shamed after leaving adult industry while James Deen gets more work than ever
When Crossing the Street Means “Assuming Risk”
Listen to the Victims of the Free Market
Hillary Clinton’s Email Hairball Summarized in 11 Points (a Test of Presidential Character) (it’s a minor issue at most, but it really was reckless)
Brazil seizes abortion drugs sent to women living in fear of Zika
Racial aspects tinge Mass. charter debate
2 men take US gov’t ocean science buoy, now want to “sell” it back for $13,000 (DRONE STRIKES)
How Wall Street became a big chunk of the U.S. economy — and when the Democrats signed on
The Deranged True Story Of Heavy Metal Parking Lot, The Citizen Kane Of Wasted Teenage Metalness
The Journalist as Advocate: Is There Any Other Kind?
Dramatic remake coming to Back Bay Station
Clinton’s Case Against the Subminimum Wage
Soaking the Rich Is a Perfectly Reasonable Idea

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