Links 3/31/16

Links for you. Science:

Poop clears cheetahs of livestock murder accusations
The real cost of sequencing: scaling computation to keep pace with data generation
Did the salamander do enough to protect the humans of Austin?
In Newly Created Life-Form, a Major Mystery
When construction of the London Underground began in the 19th Century, there was an unexpected consequence: evolution


An Open Letter to Dolores Huerta
Why Young People Are Right About Hillary Clinton: Listening to the youth vote doesn’t always lead to disaster (excellent)
How McKinsey Helped Turn Big Pharma into a Rent Extraction Business
Why did West Virginia just pass automatic voter registration?
Common Arguments from Prominent Hillary Clinton Supporters Debunked
Why Emily’s List is spending big to defeat a progressive Democrat (interesting, since Edwards is to the left of van Hollen)
The Choice Is Not Between TPP or No Trade
Dominic, 33
Trump Uncorks A Genie Of Anti-Semitic Hate And Harassment Online
Salute to a Communist
Corporate Media Tries to Bury Sanders Alive
It’s Not a Marvel Film
Book Review: Steven Conn: Americans Against the City: Anti-Urbanism in the Twentieth Century
Targeting the Israeli Academy: Will Anthropologists Have the Courage to Just Say “No”?
Twelve questions for Bruce Bartlett, economic historian and former Reagan adviser
Bernie Bros and Momentum Bullies: How the Powerful Use Internet Trolls to Play the Victim
Down at the Supreme Court, Practicing Santeria

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