Links 3/25/16

Links for you. Science:

How Cambridge became the life sciences capital
12 Bizarre Frogs for World Frog Day
In the CRISPR patent fight, the Broad Institute gains edge in early rulings
What Good Is a Library Full of Dead Plants?
The California Desert is Dying, and People Seem to Think That’s OK


The White Man Burden (excellent)
We’re Still in Nixonland: 20 theses about the state of politics today (excellent)
The Only Presidential Candidate Making Indian Country a Priority: Native People Feeling the Bern
China’s Napoleon Complex: How the Middle Kingdom Shortchanges Its Short People
Only One Budget Proposal Makes Any Sense
On Pedestrian Fatalities: Let’s Just Admit That We’re Okay with This
“Depends on your point of view…” These are weasel words for political journalists.
Washington Post Tea Parties Out on Representative Donna Edwards
Why Poor White Males Are the Core of Trump’s Support
While America is distracted by the Trump freakshow, Indiana just passed one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation
Why Don’t Globalization and Technology Lead to a Collapse in Unionization in Canada?
Punishing the poor is not going to end poverty
Blackouts, Smears, And A Trump Obsession: Sanders Struggles With Establishment Media
Addicts For Sale: In the rehab capital of America, addicts are bought, sold, and stolen for their insurance policies, and many women are coerced into sex.
“Strictly criminal”: How the Boston I knew where I knew guys who knew guys is there but not there in Black Mass
Just because some millennials are moving to the ‘burbs doesn’t mean they like it
Kevin Drum Strikes Out Big Time on Trade

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  1. Min says:

    What do you mean punishing the poor will not end poverty? In England and America we have been punishing the poor since 1350. Just give it time.

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