Links 3/23/16

Links for you. Science:

NSF negotiates with terrorists
Oldest ancient-human DNA details dawn of Neanderthals: Sequence of 430,000-year-old DNA pushes back divergence of humans and Neanderthals.
What We’ve Learned About Pluto
The Ecologist Who Threw Starfish
Why Komodo Dragons Are Like The Entire Cat Family


The Labor Movement Fucked Up By Supporting Hillary Clinton
Labor and Hillary
25 Trump Supporters Say What Would Happen If Trump Doesn’t Win
David O. Russell made Amy Adams’ life a living hell: 5 sadistic male directors who treat their actors like garbage
Appreciating the new economics of the minimum wage
Why Does the Mainstream Media Keep Lying About Silicon Valley Demographics?
The sublime narcissism of getting offended on other people’s behalf
Public ed’s Wal-Mart-fication: These are the ruthless economics of the education reform movement
I Would Like to Buy a Drink for the Poor Soul Who Ran the San Francisco BART Twitter Account Last Night
Baby boomers have a Donald Trump problem: Immigration, nativism and the mythic golden age of the middle class (for people Trump’s age, plus or minus, there were very, very few immigrants)
Liberate the Garage!: Autonomous Cars and the American Dream
It’s Time for U.S. Cities to Ban Right Turns on Red
Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation, Endorses Bernie Sanders at Flagstaff, AZ Rally
Garland’s troubling record on criminal justice (he also opposed voting Congressional representation for the District of Columbia)
David Brooks Should Sit the Next Few Plays Out
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going after activist hedge funds
Our road spending is unsustainable and not worth it

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  1. hipparchia says:

    re silicon valley demographics – how many of those Asian employees are really “guest workers” here on h-1b visas and the like?

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