Links 3/20/16

Links for you. Science:

Handful of Biologists Went Rogue and Published Directly to Internet
PLoS Has Angered the PastramiMachine!!!!
The CDC Can’t Figure Out What Caused Chipotle’s E. Coli Outbreaks
If We Can’t Save Pandas, We Can’t Save Anything
Evaluation of BLAST-based edge-weighting metrics used for homology inference with the Markov Clustering algorithm


Bill Clinton’s odious presidency: Thomas Frank on the real history of the ’90s (title notwithstanding, very important history; must-read)
Elections About Nothing
History’s Greatest Monsters
GAO Report Debunks Fair Value Accounting, Protecting Students and Homeowners
The Great Divide: Clinton, Sanders, and the future of the Democratic Party
The Rest Is Advertising: Confessions of a sponsored content writer
Students Are Being Rejected From The Polls Because Of North Carolina’s Voter ID Law
Withering on the Vine
Jane Sanders Visited A Controversial Immigrant Prison In Arizona. She Left Horrified.
Bernie Sanders & the death of TPP: Why his stunning Michigan upset could be the final nail in the free-trade coffin
The Republican Elites Have Finally Turned on the Rubes They’ve Swindled for Decades
How the ‘New York Times’ Sandbagged Bernie Sanders
Voter ID failure
In Praise of Daylight Saving Time
Why Fascism is the Wave of the Future
Boston’s housing push faces an obstacle: Boston itself

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