Links 3/18/16

Links for you. Science:

Was a USDA scientist muzzled because of his bee research?
Deadly superbugs from hospitals get stronger in the sewers and could end up in the Pacific Ocean
Study doubles the number of endangered Sumatran orangutans believed to exist
Mathematicians Discover Prime Conspiracy
‘Good’ cholesterol mutation linked to heart disease: Genetic study deals blow to the idea that high levels of HDL cholesterol reduce heart risk.


New York’s Elite Public High Schools Have a Diversity Problem. And Other Cities’ Don’t Look Much Better.
Recalling the Rainbow Roots of the Bernie Sanders Presidential Run
Why Mass Shootings Keep Happening
How Donald Trump Could Beat Hillary Clinton
On (Wisconsin)
Will the Los Angeles River Become a Playground for the Rich?
The Return of the D.I.Y. Abortion
Hillary Clinton Is Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Democrats’ Money Machine
Former Dept. Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Says Critics of MMT are “Reaching”
Before Her Murder, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Criticism
University of Manchester lecturer investigated after his secret life as a porn star is revealed
Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds With Schools Attached
Efficiency Is Not the Enemy of Resiliency
The momentum story: How the Bernie Sanders crowd can still win
Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Tap Water: The Flint water crisis, lead exposure, and what we know about investing in young children
Some of Trump’s strongest supporters are registered Democrats. Here’s why.
Donald Trump Loves the Great Wall of China. Too Bad It Was a Complete Disaster.

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