If We Outlaw Abortion, Then Outlaws Will Come To D.C. To Have Abortions

Not exactly your usual way to boost the tourist industry (boldface mine):

Even though D.C. has bucked the national trend of tightening restrictions on abortion access, she sees the impact of the legislation in her offices.

“We saw an increase in patients when the TRAP laws came down in Virginia, beginning with the ultrasound law,” she says. The term “TRAP laws” refers to legislation that saddles abortion providers with onerous requirements beyond what is necessary to ensure patient safety. “It brought patients into D.C. from Northern Virgina—Fairfax and Falls Church, but sometimes they’re coming in all the way from Richmond or Tappahannock. To drive hours to get the care you’re entitled to in the Constitution is awful. It creates a huge burden for patients.”

And some patients are coming from much further than Richmond. “We’ve seen a good number of patients come up from Texas, as well,” Perrit says. “Every patient I’ve seen from Texas has said the exact same thing: ‘I’m so lucky that I could come.'” In Texas, a controversial abortion bill currently under review at the Supreme Court would shutter all but 10 clinics, and has already made abortions more expensive and complicated to obtain….

It’s not just legislation bringing women from outside the region to D.C. for medical care. “A week after the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, we saw a patient in our office with a Colorado Springs address. She said she had an appointment that day [of the shooting] but overslept. She had the means to fly all the way to see us the following week,” says Perrit. “The thing that most people don’t realize is that those of means will always find a way to get it.”

As long as women have been getting pregnant, they have been finding ways to become unpregnant. We can have legal and safe abortions, or illegal and unsafe abortions (and note that I didn’t add rare).

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