Links 3/7/16

Links for you. Science:

Deep-Diving Robot Discovers Mysterious and Adorable Octopus Species
Scientists still fail to record age and sex of lab mice (unbelievable. Pull their fucking grants if they don’t shape up)
NCBI is phasing out sequence GIs – use Accession.Version instead!
Gene sequencing technology sparks a patent fight shrouded in mystery
Are Wild Chimpanzees Building Shrines?


Who’s afraid of John Maynard Keynes? (excellent)
Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid: America incentivizes racism in working class white people, and if we fail to understand this, we will fail to fix it (“The main difference between a white racist and a white “race ally” is usually social group”)
The Critics of Sanders’s Health Plan Understate Benefits and Overstate Costs
Inside the ‘most toxic city in America’ where the earth is poisoned by lead and zinc
How parking requirements hurt the poor
Bill Black: The Clintons Have Not Changed – The Clintonian War on the IG Watchdogs
Cassius Clay: The Teen Who Walked Away From Kanye West
The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism
Suburban Poverty: Hiding in Plain Sight (haunting)
Honest question: Why does showing a candidate’s direct quotes make so many of that candidate’s supporters angry?
There Are A Lot More Jobs. But That Isn’t Helping Democrats For One Key Reason. People aren’t making more money
Will Hillary Clinton Lead Us Into Another War in the Middle East?
Mayor Walsh, what don’t you understand about conflicts of interest?
Probable cause: Pursuing drugs and guns on scant evidence, D.C. police sometimes raid wrong homes — terrifying the innocent
In Eastie, Trump support stokes fear

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