Links 3/3/16

Links for you. Science:

As heroin epidemic rages, Hep C cases soar
The link between M. chimaera and heater cooler units grows stronger
Zika Virus Mosquitos Have Been Found…on Capitol Hill (they don’t have Zika virus though)
Likelihood of Null Effects of Large NHLBI Clinical Trials Has Increased over Time
Viruses Have Their Own Version of CRISPR


Democrats always prove the commies right
We polled 1,060 Americans about abortion. This is what they got wrong.
James Galbraith: The Friedman v. Romers Growth Debate on the Sanders Plan – A Summing Up
We Poisoned Kids in Flint to Keep Their Parents From Having Jobs
A Guy Walks Into a News Cycle
Very few teachers receive poor job ratings, and new evaluations haven’t changed that
The three party system
Black voters and the 2016 primaries, Part 1: Name recognition
Why losing a home means losing everything: How the housing market exploits the poor — and keeps them in poverty
US senator wants government to set airline seat-size rules
Machiavelli Would Love This Plot Twist From Banks’ Washington Book Club
The People’s Counsel No Longer Supports The Pepco-Exelon Merger
The Liberal Millennial Revolution: It’s here, it’s coherent, and it’s doomed—unless young people change their approach to political reform.
Clinton Will Build Her Biggest Lead On March 15. Sanders Will Erode It After That.
Why don’t black voters Feel the Bern? Maybe because only white Democrats have moved left.
The case for infrastructure spending — now
Dear GOP: We Can’t Save You If You Won’t Save Yourself
In 1861 Maryland almost annexed Virginia
A chat with DC council candidate Robert White

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