Links 2/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Meet The Brazilian Woman Fighting Zika By Dumping Thousands Of Mutant Mosquitoes Out Of A Van
Shots fired – nanopore wars part II
Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes actually capture.
Australia’s Barrier Reef could be in worse shape than anyone thought
Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness, 2005-2015


Clinton and her incrementalism on healthcare (the key thing is that no federal money is provided; the states, if they want to, can do this)
Need to rant briefly (about police misconduct)
D.C.’s Metro is the No. 1 transit system in the nation. Yes, you read that right. (interesting metrics, but if the poor are essentially excluded from the system, they could be skewed)
How an obscure adviser to Pat Buchanan predicted the wild Trump campaign in 1996
How Do You Fix Schools? Maybe Just Give Them More Money.
The House Always Wins: Some legislators want to keep affordable housing out of their districts — and they’ve given themselves the power to do it (this is why the thirty year rout of Democrats at the state level is so catastrophic)
“Art For Ever”
Sanders’ ambitious growth plan might not be so crazy after all
Black Progressives, It’s Time to Unite Against Establishment Politics
Robert Reich: Are We Witnessing the Death of America’s Political Establishment?
Why Bernie Can Win: The pundits are wrong. Bernie Sanders is the most electable candidate this November. (Clinton vs. Trump would be a disaster)
Inside A California Anti-Crime Experiment That Resonates With Politicians In D.C.
It’s Who They Are
Remember Libya?
Bernie Sanders for president
Despite 30 million uninsured, @HillaryClinton’s campaign last night declared that America has universal health care.
State approves two new charter high-school programs for Boston; School Committee chairman ‘dumbfounded’

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