Links 2/19/16

Links for you. Science:

A disease detective hunts pathogens with a photographic memory — and a genius mind
Biologists urged to hug a preprint: ASAPbio meeting discusses the ins and outs of posting work online before peer review.
Bio Databases 2016
How many papers should you review?
Americans’ knowledge of evolution isn’t that bad—if you ask them about elephants


WaPo:”‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop.”
Do you remember what Bruce Rauner has in common with Martin Shkreli?
Does Bernie Sanders Know What He’s Doing?
‘Single-issue’ candidate Bernie Sanders touches on 20 issues during a Michigan campaign stop
Amazing archival video appears to show the arrest of a young Bernie Sanders as a student activist in Chicago
Hillary Clinton Should Just Say Yes to a $15 Minimum Wage
20,776,265 Reasons Why The GOP Should Confirm Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee
Problems We Don’t Really Want to Solve
Farragut Square Is Great. Franklin Square Stinks. Here’s Why.
Enormous Driftwood Washes Ashore in Washington
Why Bernie Sanders Wins Even If He Loses: If you have delegates, you can make demands
Max Weber explains Trump 2016: we want a charismatic leader to restore America
Mr. Sanders Goes to Morehouse — a reflection on the Kingian origins of the “Sanders Revolution”
Hillary Clinton is spending today fundraising from bankers capitalizing on the housing crisis
The Foreign Policy Case for Bernie Sanders

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  1. Robert L Bell says:

    Nice column by Ian Welsh. He’s basically saying that Bernie is playing eleventy dimensional chess on a level inaccessible to such gullible simpletons as you or I.

    Seems to me that I have heard that story before, bright kid, charismatic: do you remember how that turned out?

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