Links 1/25/16

Links for you. Science:

Bizarre Photographs Of An Elephant Attacking And Killing a Resting Buffalo
Paper claiming GMO dangers retracted amid allegations of data manipulation
The Former Dentist Uncovering Sugar’s Rotten Secrets
How clonal are bacteria over time?
You do not Need to Work 80 Hours a Week to Succeed in Academia


Why Do So Many Wealthy Democrats Think The Only Money That Matters To The Hoi Polloi Is The Money They Must Pay To The Government?
The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You’re a Trump Supporter
All Hollowed Out: The lonely poverty of America’s white working class
Breaking Thad: How Sex and Drugs Brought Down a Senate Staffer
It should be obvious that a narrow critique of single-payer focused on tax increases is just demagogy, from the standpoint of liberal values, as Hillary herself said in 2008
A Second Look at BernieCare
The future for augmented humans: ‘In five years you’ll see exoskeletons on the building site’ (Lt. Ripley…)
Paul Krugman, Bernie Sanders, and Medicare for All
At Reeves Center, Demonstrators Say Muriel Bowser’s ‘Gotta Go-Go’ (there is a class element to this)
School Vouchers and Student Achievement: First-Year Evidence from the Louisiana Scholarship Program (effects are in the low end of lead poisoning)
A major new finding about the impact of having a dad who was drafted to Vietnam
In 1979 Feds Violently Removed Black Protesters From Wildlife Refuge (of course, they were non-violent…)
The problem with “bringing the country together”
Nurses Applaud New Sanders Plan for Healthcare for All
Built-In Advantages
2005 M. Taibbi Got Exclusive Access To See How Sanders Got Things Done, Until Corruption Trashed It
The Political Economy of David Bowie

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2 Responses to Links 1/25/16

  1. jrkrideu says:

    Colonel Baron von Munchausen reports that Lt. Ripley’s trials are succeeding beyond all expectations.

    I did hear an interview with a paraplegic learning to use these and they sound fantastic but 5 years seems a bit optimistic. Perhaps like nuclear fusion, it’s 5 years in the future and has been for the last twenty years.

    Now I’ll go get some sleep.

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