Links 1/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Here’s What Happened When a Doctor Fed Infants Whatever They Wanted
How A Virus Peptide Destroys Other Viruses
The incredible tale of irresponsible chocolate milk research at the University of Maryland
At Biotech Party, Gender Diversity Means Cocktail Waitresses (when technobros and VCs collaborate…)
The Heroes of CRISPR


How can you teach or learn in conditions like these? (obviously, this is the teachers unions fault)
The War to Claim the New West
Metro considers eliminating SmarTrip loading aboard buses (this policy stems from a leadership that does not use mass transit)
I’m Northwestern’s president. Here’s why safe spaces for students are important.
City life fits to a T
Bernie Sanders and big-government urbanism
The problem with too much parking
How D.C. ended segregation a year before Brown v. Board of Education
Five myths about Martin Luther King
MBTA knew two years ago about Green Line ext. overruns
‘We Don’t Want Bloodshed’: Armed White Militants in Oregon v. Paiute Tribe
The Liberal Limit
It Gets Better, Unless You’re Fat
This satirical Chinese account live-tweeted the GOP debate, and it was amazing
The scary truth about inequality: Why the GOP has little reason to reconsider its dangerous politics
David Bowie: Invisible New Yorker

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