Links 1/7/16

Links for you. Science:

How Did The World Scientific Community Come To Believe That Global Warming Is Happening?
Don’t call me a dropout: Why science needs more people to quit the lab
How Not to Model Human Behaviour
This Post is Brought to You by the National Science Foundation (interesting demographic data on science PhDs)
Contrasts in Number Theory


It’s Not Easy Teaching Special Ed (a teacher only spends a quarter of her work effort actually teaching)
The Math-Class Paradox: Mastering the subject has become less about learning and more about performance
The Workplace Toxicity Epidemic
Pyrotechnics atop the @FairmontCopley during New Years celebration in Boston’s Copley Square
Electric car subsidies are hated by economists, loved by activists. Why?
Beautiful, Color Photographs of Paris Taken 100 Years Ago—at the Beginning of World War I and the End of La Belle Époque
Isis Austrian poster girl Samra Kesinovic ‘used as sex slave’ before being murdered for trying to escape
Fascinating Color Photos of 1914 Paris
Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia
The Oath Keepers Are Ready for War with the Federal Government
What’s Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition
The Armed Domestic Terrorists in Oregon Should Be Treated Just as ISIS Terrorists Would Be
The Great Oregon Standoff Enters Its First Day
Push comes to shove in Oregon

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