Links 1/1/2016

Happy New Year! If you’re reading this, you’re still not dead, so let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

This Day in Labor History: December 28, 1973 (no, this isn’t misplaced; read it)
Epigenetics Does Not a Revolution Make
A Lion Expert Who Isn’t Inclined to Turn Tail
Silicon Valley is confusing pseudo-science with innovation
Preventing cancer is biologically challenging: Why use of surrogates and patent incentives won’t improve early cancer or chemoprevention drug development


Entire concert film of Talking Heads in their 1980 prime has surfaced (missed this when it came out)
How 2015 Fueled The Rise Of The Freewheeling, White Nationalist Alt Right Movement
At community colleges, hunger is a growing problem
Career opportunities
The MBTA, the gift that keeps on giving
The everyday effects of The New York Times’ nail salon exposé
The massive, mountainous waves of Lake Erie
Lawsuit claims teaching assistants at Amherst were told to sleep with students to boost enrollment
Think airline delays are bad now? Wait until El Niño hits
Real Talk: The Force Awakens and the First Order (spoilers)
But for the grace of God
Don’t let them rewrite history (first they said the Olympics wouldn’t cost anything, now they say opponents weren’t willing to spend…)
License To Kill
Kesha’s horrifying nightmare — and the Adele comparison from Sony that goes way beyond acceptable
Trump’s effect on Muslim migrant debate reverberates in heartland (‘reverberates’ means arson)

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