Links 12/26/15

Links for you. Science:

“no one deliberately writes a “fraudulent review”
Study tracks the evolution of pro-creationism laws in the U.S.
Student Slaps Florida Public Schools With Suit for Refusing to Teach Evolution Because It Contradicts the Bible
Bright Lights, Big Predators
First praying mantis survey of Rwanda uncovers rich diversity (great picture here)


Stunning Old Photographs of the Fairy Tale Germany in the 1900s
Robocultic: Q & A With a Tech Journalist (interesting)
In some places, living near Metro has become more affordable
Why We Need to Shut Down Juvie
The world of threats to the US is an illusion
Why Political Data Is a Complete Mess: A Lot of Cleanup Is Required Before Political Data Wonks Can Ply Their Craft
Say Good-Bye to ‘COOL’: Congress Repeals Country-of-Origin Meat Labeling Rule
Democrats Debate in the Shadows of a Saturday Night Before Christmas
The 20 Most Abused Words in the English Language
Donald Trump accidentally calls right wing’s version of “religious liberty” exactly what it is: power
Hillary Clinton’s no-tax pledge is Republican policy sprinkled with Third Way politics
Trump puts a smile on faces of white supremacist recruiters
There’s no such thing as 100 percent safe. By pretending there is, GOP makes things more dangerous
What is Hillary Clinton’s real position on charter schools?
Iowa Ted Cruz, meet Manhattan Ted Cruz

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