Christmas Links

Gut Yontif to the Pontiff! And anyone else who’s celebrating. Science:

Zika Virus Spreading in Latin America, Raising Concerns
Resistance to a Last-Ditch Antibiotic: Invisible Spread
Last-Ditch Drug Resistance: An Early Warning And Chance to Act
As combination drugs engulf India, an American pharmaceutical giant profits
Notes from the Field: Injection Safety and Vaccine Administration Errors at an Employee Influenza Vaccination Clinic — New Jersey, 2015 (holy shit)


Macro theory vs. string theory
When a ballet troupe has a flight delay
The WPA: 92 Posters Paid For By the Government
It Begins: Congress turns Iranian-Americans into 2nd Class Citizens
The New York Times Has a Source Pollution Problem
The long, incredibly tortuous, and fascinating process of creating a Chinese font
The Logic of the Police State in America
10,000 zines and counting: a library’s quest to save the history of fandom
But wait…solar energy isn’t consequence-free!
It’s not about party, it’s about hunger for war: 19 percent of Democrats also said they’d bomb fake country from “Aladdin”
Texas Election Lawsuit Uncovers Hart InterCivic Computer Corruption Errors: Plus Official Election Records Missing
The Empire Bites Back: British Now Have Better Teeth Than Americans Thanks to U.S. Inequality
‘Member of the 1%’ shocks Reddit: ‘I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. Here’s why’
The Ominous Story of Syria’s Climate Refugees
Donald Trump’s ‘silent majority’ isn’t a majority
Is Obama proposal the end of taxpayer-subsidized sports stadiums?
Why Do Old People Live At The Beach?
An Ethereal View of the People Who Roam Chicago’s Streets at Night
NAACP to challenge cancellation of Baltimore Red Line rail project

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