Links 12/23/15

Links for you. Science:

Scientists say climate change could cause a ‘massive’ tree die-off in the U.S. Southwest
How labor reform might overhaul postdoc pay (thoughts on this here)
The Year in Fungi
What Hyena Giggles Really Say
By cutting down forests, humans may be giving themselves malaria


Wildfires are more expensive to fight than ever. But once again, Congress refused to pay the bill
Donald Trump just tripped over the media’s rules for praising dictators
Can Bernie Sanders Win Back Iowa’s Working Class? If he can’t, Donald Trump’s brand of right-wing populism looms large (yes, it does)
The Least Inspiring Group of Class Warriors Ever Assembled in Human History
The Real Reason Sandra Bland Got Locked Up
CBGB Is Reopening At Newark Airport, As A Restaurant
Volkswagen’s Nazi-Era Blood Crimes: Its executives—not Nazi officials—oversaw the murder of hundreds of infants of slave laborers
Lawn wars: leaf blower opponents seek peaceful resolution to neighborly feud
The Scientific Limits of Understanding Complex Social Phenomena
Water works: How is it Dupont Circle came to have a fountain?
Democrats embrace modern America as Republicans reject it
The Real Rift in the Democratic Debate
People Who Were Certain Climate Change Is Fake Are Now Certain That Paris Can’t Stop It
Researchers just discovered a hidden factor that could be driving violent crimes
Tip Leads Bomb Squad To Man Suspected Of Making Bombs In Richmond Home To Harm Muslims (last sentence)
Behind the Black Flag: The Recruitment of an ISIS Killer
Seeking new uses for old spaces
The New Preschool Is Crushing Kids

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