Links 12/14/15

Links for you. Science:

The gluten-free craze is making celiacs like me sick
Light matters
The Murky Origins of the Largest Dinosaur Museum in the World
Zika virus spreads to more countries
U.S. Still in Danger of Losing War on AIDS, C.D.C. Director Says


The Infuriating History of How Metro Got So Bad (must-read)
The Banality of Trumpism
Early Warnings: How American Journalists Reported the Rise of Hitler
Why Justice Scalia thinks affirmative action hurts black students, and why he’s wrong
MBTA focuses on operator error in runaway Red Line ride
If You Were in Hell, How Would You Know It?
How The System Punishes Children If Their Parent Has A Criminal Record
Why do we freak out about terrorism, anyway? Here’s why we shouldn’t.
Scalia was wrong: Students admitted through affirmative action thrive at elite colleges
Sorry, Morning Joggers: Your Petition Won’t Change the National Zoo’s New Hours Policy (once again, the leadership of federal institutions show no regard for the citizens of the city)
How to Get Rid of Your Landlord and Socialize American Housing, in 3 Easy Steps
Suspected Burglar Hides In Lake From Police . . . Alligator Eats Suspected Burglar
My run-in with hate speech at a Minnesota Vikings game
What Do I Expect from Elementary School? Not this.
Demise of the US Middle Class Now Official
The Movement Lives in Ferguson: Teach For America, Black Leadership, and Disaster Capitalism
Painting Company Tells Customer Who Canceled “Death To Muslims”

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