Links 12/1/15

Links for you. Science:

Challenges for microbial ecology
Gene therapies offer dramatic promise but shocking costs
Are Good Doctors Bad for Your Health?
Clonal Dissemination of Enterobacter cloacae Harboring blaKPC-3 in the Upper Midwestern United States
The Innovation That Doomed The Very Fish It Helped


France Uses Emergency Laws to Place Climate Activists Under House Arrest
Hillary Clinton Wins Union Endorsements, But Not Enthusiasm
The Bern Supremacy: Does the future of the Democratic Party belong to Sanders?
Molenbeek broke my heart
Donald Trump’s Hatemongering Moves on to African Americans
Had enough of you!
The Stockholm Metro is an incredible labyrinth of art, 110 km long
Louisiana bar stamps ‘n****r’ on college student’s hand
If police shooting video had been released sooner, would Emanuel be mayor?
Once in Guantánamo, Afghan Now Leads War Against Taliban and ISIS
Reimagining Journalism: The Story of the One Percent
Bernie Sanders Gets Immigration Policy Right
Five Virginia men arrested in white supremacist plot to attack synagogues and black churches
The NYT Praises Bernie Sanders’ Immigration Plan: ‘Reality-Based, Moderate, Practical and Hopeful’
The Last Days Of Marissa Mayer?
Ezekiel Elliott and the Overdue Thaw of College Football Politics
The Workers Who Bring You Black Friday
Black Lives Matter Activists Are Shot While Trump Is Busy Sharing a Neo-Nazi Graphic on Twitter

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1 Response to Links 12/1/15

  1. Min says:

    About the Louisiana bar stamps:

    Bar is named Reggie’s, and their stamp says REGGIN. A college student got upset when she read the stamp backwards, as well she might. But the question that the article does not mention is what stamp the bar puts on white patron’s hands? Probably the same one, eh? And not YKNOH.

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