Links 11/13/15

Links for you. Science:

Review: ‘The Secret World Inside You’ Explores the Microbial Human
Museum of Natural History Reveals Design for Expansion
Ills of the system: Reform is long overdue for Germany’s archaic medical-education system, which puts undue pressure on students and contaminates the scientific literature.
More Details on Rising Mortality Among Middle-Aged Whites
Correcting statistical biases in “Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century”: We need to adjust for the increase in average age of people in the 45-54 category (also see this and this)


Students Should Be Tested More, Not Less: When done right, frequent testing helps people remember information longer (interesting, but doesn’t really discuss at all how testing was entirely about firing teachers, not teaching students)
Michele Bachmann Calls for Converting ‘As Many Jews as We Can’ After Israel Tour: On conservative radio show, former presidential candidate calls to step up efforts to bring Jews to Christianity, because Jesus is ‘coming soon.’
Here are 10 patient suggestions for hospitals. Let’s make them happen.
The inside story of the campaign that killed Keystone XL
TPP: Yeah, As Bad– If Not Even Worse– Than We Expected
Finland prepares universal basic income experiment
Why drug companies and Hollywood love the TPP (“Nor can we be sure that more spending will necessarily have a big impact on the number of lifesaving drugs that are invented or the quality of Hollywood blockbusters”)
Hillary Clinton: Raise Federal Minimum Wage To $12 Per Hour (not even president and the triangulation is already beginning…)
Friday lay day – a mini-Job Guarantee proves beneficial in the US
On Supporting the Troops, With Camo-Themed Headwear
Report: MPD Policy For Body Cameras Not Fair, Private, Accountable
Why Does Anybody Play Football Anymore? Football has never been more popular. And it has never felt less like a game.
Dems have ‘strong disagreement’ on Social Security, Sanders says
The betrayal that should haunt Hillary Clinton: How she sold out working women & then never apologized
The Grift
Repeat Performance

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  1. chris y says:

    The question is not why people play football any more; the question is why there are no more gladiators. People will cheer on any level of brutality if they have permission, especially if they can be anonymous in a crowd.

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