Links 11/8/15

Links for you. Science:

Out of 25 Million Vaccinations, Only 33 People Had a Serious Reaction, CDC Finds
The Woman Who Tweets Cheetahs: Anne Hilborn’s Twitter feed captures nature, red in tooth and bumbling in claw. (but Twitter is dying. Or something)
Field Science—the Nature and Utility of Scientific Fields
Polio May Be Eradicated By 2018
Inner Workings: Taking evolution to the clinic


Not all “voter suppression” is created equal
These are not the only nuts: Tea Party governors and anti-LGBT statutes win when we stupidly stay home (Democrats need to figure out how to turn their supporters out in non-presidential elections)
Cable News Charnel: Mayhem as a guide for living
Boston’s Most Expensive Parking Space Ever Is Listed in Beacon Hill
Norton Flags Issue of D.C. Licenses Not Being Recognized for New TSA Administrator at Congressional Hearing
Cop ‘GI Joe’ Gliniewicz Stole From Police Then Faked His Own Murder (the right blamed this on Black Lives Matter)
White American Without a College Degree Are Seriously Depressed These Days
In an effort to revitalize, DC once sold houses for $1. The program wasn’t very effective.
Bringing it back home: Why state comparisons are more useful than international comparisons for improving U.S. education policy
America may be in a reinforcing feedback loop of growing inequality and Republican rule
The Case for Bernie Sanders: His critics say he’s not realistic – but they have it backwards
They Burn Witches Here. And then they upload the photos to social media. A journey to an island caught between the ancient world and 2015
Congress Shrugs Off Ahmad Chalabi’s Death
Just Who Is Sidney Blumenthal, the Clintons’ Closest Advisor? Will Hillary’s hatchet man be up for White House job if she wins?
Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Leaves Company Because Of Diversity Issues
Martin Wolf on the Low Labor Participation as the Result of the Crapification of Jobs
Tenure is disappearing. But it’s what made American universities the best in the world.

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  1. colnago80 says:

    Blumenthal pere is an angel compared to Blumenthal fils, aka Max Blumenthal, an antisemitic Israel bashing piece of filth who has written a book filled with lies about Israel. Sidney’s failure to disown Max is far more serious then the charges in Silverstein’s article.

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