Links 10/29/15

Links for you. Science:

Avoiding the flu shot means you’re risking a lot more than you think
What first case of sexually transmitted Ebola means for public health
The Beetle That Eavesdrops on an Ant’s Secret Language
Court to decide defense request for secret DNA computer source code
Why you should never cheat a raven: Highly intelligent birds will dump friends if they don’t co-operate and share treats


Open Letter to DeRay Mckesson on TFA and Racial Justice in Education
Attacks on Sanders, Progressives Falsely Depict Obama As Lefty Failure as Opposed to Neoliberal Success
Economics and Mythology
Public R&D austerity spending cuts undermine our grandchildren’s future
The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp
Fixing the Laws That Let Theranos Hide Data Won’t Be Easy
Make college free for all
A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls (be sure to note which statements are backed by data, and which are supposition–that distinction, unfortunately, will probably get lost)
Who is to Blame If NAEP Reading and Math Scores Fall?
The Myth of Welfare’s Corrupting Influence on the Poor
District Homeowners Pay Lowest Property Taxes in Immediate Area
Bowser PAC Treasurer Does Same Work for Bowser-Tied Campaign
WMATA Riders’ Union meets for first time
Student Discipline, Race And Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy Charter Schools (I’ve made this point repeatedly)
Indiana Teacher Shortage Public Hearing Part 2: Cathy’s Commentary/Testimony
Here are 50 despicable things George W. Bush did before and after 9/11

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