Links 10/28/15

Links for you. Science:

Why We Don’t Have A Cure For The Common Cold
A Linguistic Comparison of Letters of Recommendation for Male and Female Chemistry and Biochemistry Job Applicants
Gamblers, Scientists and the Mysterious Hot Hand
Staphylococcus haemolyticus – an emerging threat in the twilight of antibiotics age.
On Taphonomy: Digging for Dinosaurs in My Twenties


Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America’s Worst Political Outrages (excellent)
Yo Canada
The Old Guy Still Hanging Out At College Bars
Let’s See What Conservatives Have to Say About a Real War on Christianity
Why Is the CBO Concocting a Phony Debt Crisis? A simple accounting trick is arming austerity hawks with a powerful, phony weapon (because it’s what the CBO does)
Why does Clinton keep getting away with saying that gun manufacturers are the only industry in America that is immune from being held accountable for criminal acts by the purchasers of their products? Almost NO manufacturers are, by law, accountable for criminal acts by purchasers of their products. Someone should ask her to name one that is.
Colleges Are Spending 7 Times More on Athletics Than They Are on Academics
Ark Hotel, China
Black Deaths Matter: Historic black cemeteries have devolved into trash dumps and overgrown forests, while tidy Confederate memorials still draw public funding
The Insane Highway Plan That Would Have Bulldozed DC’s Most Charming Neighborhoods
Airbnb Really Screwed Up With Ads About Paying Taxes (shitheads)
This is right-wing terrorism: The frightening new rise of church and clinic arson — and why you won’t hear about it on Fox News (related post here)
The best Apple Store rant I’ve read. Actually the best rant I’ve ever read
Capitalism: Everyone’s Best Friend
The Platinum Coin Returns
The TPP and GIFs

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