Links 10/8/15

Links for you. Science:

Obama just announced the first new marine sanctuaries in 15 years
Analysis of Transmission of MRSA and ESBL-E among Pigs and Farm Personnel
Nobel Prize Week
How to sequence and assemble a large eukaryote genome with long reads in 2015
All 8,400 Apollo Moon Mission Photos Just Went Online. Here Are Some of Our Faves.


The Surreal Reasons Girls Are Disappearing In El Salvador: #15Girls
Valeant’s Drug Price Strategy Enriches It, but Infuriates Patients and Lawmakers
Why Americans shouldn’t despair about gun control
Discrimination and Worker Evaluation
Already A 50% Chance Of A Government Shutdown In December
So, I Just Watched Star Wars for the First Time
Why in the hell did it take a random viral video for McGraw-Hill to fix this mistake on slavery? (the last sentence is key)
There is Something Wrong With This.
The blood of El Salvador’s massacres stains America
What It’s Like To Report on Mass Shootings Routinely
When you read a story about new SecEd John King’s “successful” charter schools, think about this graph
How Can You Call Yourself “Pro-Life” if You Do Nothing About Gun Violence?
‘Rape Rooms’: How West Virginia Women Paid Off Coal Company Debts
The Great Evasion
You Don’t Pass a Pool Fencing Law After a Child Drowns, Says Jeb, Who Did Just That
Gun Control’s Biggest Problem: Most People Just Don’t Care Very Much
The Faith-Based Education Policies of @ArneDuncan

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  1. Eric Riley says:

    Re: Valeant’s Drug Price Strategy

    I have a proposal – how about we have the government open a factory that will produce generics and then sell them at cost?

    But then I am a dirty socialist.

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