Links 10/7/15

Links for you. Science:

Anti-vaxxers are super unhappy with the study they funded showing no links to autism
Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had help from volcanoes, study says
ASM NGS 2015 – Meeting Notes
Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Is a Global Crisis. Why Are We Doing So Little to Fight It?
D.C. Council ponders: What should D.C.’s official amphipod be? (“D.C. may not be a state, but it’s on the leading edge of amphipod recognition”_


Why can’t our gun policy look more like Canada’s?
McCarthy promises Sean Hannity he’ll shut down the government. Four times, apparently.
Gun advocates are right, we should compare guns to cars
Charters with Broad support show only a mixed return on investment
If you thought Arne Duncan was controversial, meet his successor
A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths
Greece’s Fascists Are Gaining (finally, someone notices)
Michael Hudson on Parasitic Financial Capitalism
Special education teacher: Why it’s ‘idiotic’ to force my students to take standardized tests
Here’s what John Tierney left out of his anti-recycling screed. (Tierney has had a hard-on for recycling for years–this is not new)
Can’t get enough of this bulldog, scaring off bears (second angle here)
Maths palace built by calculus ‘rock star’ on sale for £11.4m
Rehearsing for death: A pre-K teacher on the trouble with lockdown drills
Jurassic Pork: What Could a Jewish Time Traveler Eat?

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2 Responses to Links 10/7/15

  1. kaleberg says:

    Re: Jurassic Pork

    The anti-pork dietary laws didn’t come into effect until after the Babylonian Captivity. The Jurassic was way back before that. Nobody rags Abraham for serving God’s messengers meat and cheese, because Abraham lived before God gave a crap about that. at least if the Bible is to be believed.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    McCarthy promises Sean Hannity he’ll shut down the government. Four times, apparently.

    Needs update.
    Kevin McCarthy bows out of speaker race, leaving House GOP in disarray

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