Links 10/3/15

Links for you. Science:

Will Historic White House Actions On Resistance Scant The Role of Farms? (this
Why some scientists are worried about a surprisingly cold ‘blob’ in the North Atlantic Ocean
The Science in The Martian Isn’t Perfect, But That’s OK
Physics of falling says professional athletes are running wrong
Researchers wrestle with a privacy problem: The data contained in tax returns, health and welfare records could be a gold mine for scientists — but only if they can protect people’s identities.


Pope Francis’ Kim Davis Visit Is the Dumbest Thing He’s Ever Done
As America’s infrastructure crumbles, water privatization becomes more likely (this is why I’m lukewarm about the New Democrats in the race–they love this shit)
Jeb Bush doesn’t find the name ‘Redskins’ offensive. Care to guess why?
The Undying Evil of the Last Bush Administration (this is why ‘looking forward’ never works–these monsters need to be ripped out root, branch, and stem)
NTSB recommends strengthening federal oversight of Metrorail
Planned Parenthood at Risk
Museum Square And The Fight For Affordable Housing In D.C.: An Explainer
Whatever you think of Planned Parenthood, this is a terrible and dishonest chart
Obama’s Self-Deceit (it’s amazing how much some U.S.-ians are freaking out over Russia doing, on a very limited scale, the shit we routinely do)
A Biden Candidacy and Foreign Policy
How a Key Iraq War Architect Turned Blood into Wine
Why Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee Blood?
Three Exceptional Facts About America: It’s Safe to Be Paranoid in the U.S.

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