Links 9/18/15

Links for you. Science:

The initial state of the human gut microbiome determines its reshaping by antibiotics
We Are About to Start Mining Hydrothermal Vents on the Ocean Floor
Cancer Research, Irreproducibility, and the Insidiousness of the “Julia Child Argument”
In new study, 100 percent of participants taking HIV prevention pill Truvada remained infection-free
Why I’m sceptical about the idea of genetically inherited trauma


Bernie Sanders Gives Liberty University a Lesson in Christianity
Common Core “Results” Aren’t Actually Test Scores
25 Groups That Work With Rape Victims Think The Safe Campus Act Is Terrible
Garrisoning the Globe, How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Undermine National Security and Harm Us All
Very Serious People
‘Jack Reacher’ Embodies the American View of Justice: White, Male, and Lawless
Comcast Introduces Data Caps, New Fees for Internet Usage
Take that, charter schools: Why a Washington court decision will force accountability to a movement that needs it badly
So, You Supported Corbyn: Here Is What You MUST Do if He Is to Survive and Win
The case for redistributing wealth in America is losing support from 2 demographics
US Intel Chief: Iraq and Syria may not Survive as States
The Success And Controversy Of #CampaignZero And Its Successful, Controversial Leader, DeRay Mckesson
Criminal justice reform is breaking down before our eyes

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  1. colnago80 says:

    The author of the Reacher novels is one Lee Child aka James Grant who is British. Reacher is just the sort of character that many British writers think roams the plains of middle

  2. Thanks a lot. this is great.

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