Links 9/10/15

Links for you. Science:

Climate Change Means One World’s Death and Another’s Birth
Myna free! Denis island eliminates bird predator to protect endemic birds of Seychelles (it’s not just rats…)
A Visit to Amsterdam’s Microbe Museum
Slippery customers: A leftover from the Precambrian may illuminate the origin of nerves
Are internal replications the solution to the replication crisis in Psychology? No.


Age of the Unicorn: How the Fed Tried to Fix the Recession, and Created the Tech Bubble
45% Of APPR Evaluation Ratings For Buffalo Teachers Were Scored Incorrectly (whoops!)
“What Kind of Islam Is That?”: Talking With Refugees From ISIS
Tim Tebow’s NFL Dream Likely Dead Because Idea of Tebow Never Matched Reality
America’s Poorest Are Getting Virtually No Assistance
Hillary Clinton Sets Up Another Misguided Defensive Crouch: Southern State Edition (leaving aside policy issues, Clinton is a horrible campaigner. She only beat Rick Lazio 55/43)
We’re getting Kim Davis all wrong: What she reveals about the right’s true motivations
Hillary’s Campaign Repays Bernie For His Positive Message About Her With Typical Clintonian Smears And Innuendos (the two charts at the end are the key points)
Apple Is Taunting Publishers With Ad-Blocking and Apple News (what no one seems to realize about ads is how slow they make things and how costly they are if you’re paying by the byte)
Why, at Least Today, We Should Cheer Tom Brady
John Kasich is no ‘moderate’
The NFL Must Be Loving the Misleading Sony Hacker Leaks on the Film ‘Concussion’
They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside
For workers, 21st century technology undercuts stability
The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia

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2 Responses to Links 9/10/15

  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside:

    At the peak of their power, these clandestine organizations, most notably the Freemasons, had hundreds of thousands of adherents, from colonial New York to imperial St. Petersburg. Dismissed today as fodder for conspiracy theorists and History Channel specials, they once served an important purpose: Their lodges were safe houses where freethinkers could explore everything from the laws of physics to the rights of man to the nature of God, all hidden from the oppressive, authoritarian eyes of church and state.

    Strangely stated. Freemason were free to hold any views about God or an equivalent ultimate Creator, but were not free to question His existence. The Masons did not allow atheists to join.

  2. N John Cooperberg says:

    This idiotic notion that Clinton is doomed because she only beat Lazlo 55-43 is just the latest iteration of Sanderista wishful thinking. Insular pretend radicals who only know Massachusetts try to project their own preconceptions onto the western neighbor, only to fail repeatedly because New York is an altogether different beast. Governor Cuomo, anyone? Moynihan beat Buckley 55-44 in his first Senate race, do you dismiss him also as a loser goofball?

    Sanders is going to lose. Sanders is going to lose, even though he is a nice old man who fronts for some decent ideas.

    The reason Sanders is going to lose, even though he is a nice old man who fronts for some decent ideas, is that his most visible supporters are the same gang of pathetic whiners who have done everything they can over the past three decades to alienate the 2/3rds of the Democratic Party who are not smug little control freaks.

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