Links 9/6/15

Links for you. Science:

The man who wants us to embrace autism
Microsoft’s vision for bioinformatics research (caution: NSFW)–funny
Are genomic tests ready for prime time?
Half-Baked Studies Can Help Search for Truth
Royal Jelly Isn’t What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee


The Continuing War on Teachers
THE DADDY PARTY IS FRESH OUT OF DADDIES (“And now we have fifteen conservative men running against a bully named Donald Trump — including Christie, a guy we were told for years was tough as nails. And yet the Daddy Party may believe a woman is the only person who might be able to back the bully down.”)
Then People Won’t Like Them
The Secrets of an NFL Locker Room: A former professional punter remembers his time inside the players’ last sanctuary
Sony Altered ‘Concussion’ Film to Prevent N.F.L. Protests, Emails Show
Teachers Shouldn’t Teach for Free
Farmers: Trump ‘terrible for agriculture’: Many say they can’t harvest their crops without immigrant labor
Some things I’ve learned after eleven days without social media
If Sandy Hook Is ‘Bearable,’ What Is Not?
Journalist Spends Four Years Traversing India to Document Crumbling Subterranean Stepwells Before they Disappear
Chris Christie Disses His Own Teacher Tenure Law
Republicans Like Obama’s Ideas Better When They Think They’re Donald Trump’s
Streets with no game
M I Finley on the dynamics of the Roman Empire
The Confederate Ideology: “At this cost the system is maintained.”

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