Abortion-Wielding Light Bulb Vigilantes Have Turned California Into a Deathscape

Or something. Exhibit #eleventy gajillion in the final stages of the devolution of T.R.’s Bull Moose into Glenn Beck’s Prion-Infested Condemned Cow:

Cheryl Burns, 60, was on a road trip from California when she heard that Trump would be in Alabama. She turned her car around and got in line, warning people of what happened to states when liberals took them over.

Lower murder, divorce, and poverty rates, along with higher incomes and relatively more tolerance? Nope:

“There is no more California,” Burns said. “It’s now international, lawless territory. Everything is up for grabs. Illegal aliens are murdering people there. People are being raped. Trump isn’t lying about anything — the rest of the country just hasn’t found out yet.”

Zoiks! This sort of lunacy–and it is best thought of a mass communicable psychotic break–is nothing new:

I’m sure nothing can go wrong when people who believe in invisible light bulb vigilantes, who think that international disarmament means you won’t be able to own a handgun, who think ceiling fan regulations are an assault on OUR FREEDOM!, who think finding out how medical interventions perform will lead to death panels, who think smart electric meters are part of a nefarious monitoring plot (even as they don’t really seem upset about the ongoing domestic surveillance revelations), and who think the detailed Census infringes upon OUR FREEDOM! (THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY’LL NEVER COUNT OUR TOILET BOWLS! WOLVERINES!), well, I’m sure they’ll do a splendid job…

And then there’s the cruelty and viciousness:

“Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill,’ ” said Jim Sherota, 53, who works for a landscaping company. “That’d be one nice thing.”

As Digby reminds us, this too, is nothing new:

Excuse me, but what did they think was going on when people were cheering the deaths of sick people who have no insurance and throwing dollar bills at Parkinson’s victims? What did they think this whole confederate flag flap was all about?

One part psychosis, one part sociopathy. The problem isn’t that many Republicans are like this, but that Republicans can’t win without their slavering Uruk-hai.

In the last few elections, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of rightwing commentators putting asterisks on Democratic victories, since Democrats didn’t win a majority of whites. Well, when do we start putting asterisks on Republican victories that are a result of winning elections with these bozos’ votes?

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