Links 8/31/15

Links for you. Science:

Bioinformatics is just like bench science and should be treated as such
Over-interpreted epigenetics study of the week
Apes May Be Much Closer To Human Speech Than We Realized
Fast genome distance estimation using the MinHash algorithm
Can America cope with a resurgence of tropical disease?


Silence at Baylor
Ken Burns Goes Big on the Confederate Flag
Governor Kasich’s education agenda, unmasked
One year later: Ferguson is still pumping out arrest warrants
Safety School
The famous Robert Frost poem we’ve read wrong forever
Buried at sea
The Unlikely Reanimation of H.P. Lovecraft
We just work together
Stop calling it the “sharing economy”
They Are Killing Newspapers on Purpose
How a dubious statistic convinced U.S. courts to approve of indefinite detention
The “Free-Range Mom” Is About to Hit the Big Time
Republicans Say You Should Be Able To Carry Guns Everywhere. This Proves They Don’t Mean It. (they really don’t)
These 7 Images of Global Borders Reveal the Unique Brutality of the US-Mexico Wall

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