Links 8/23/15

Links for you. Science:

Scientists built a ‘vomiting device’ to show how spewing chunks spreads disease
A day in the life of a museum taxonomist
8 things you might not know about research misconduct proceedings: Guest post
Flying Spiders Found—and They Can Steer in Mid-Air (actually, they glide. Still cool though)
Inside Illumina’s Plans to Lure Consumers with an App Store for Genomes


Iran deal opponents now have their “death panels” lie, and it’s a whopper
Donald Trump blazes a European path in American politics
Metro is retiring old cars. It matters which ones go first.
There Are No Rules in Love and Taxes: Both the Internal Revenue Service and Ashley Madison, the social network for philanderers, suffered major hacks this week
Charters that don’t fill student vacancies may find it easier to boost test scores
Chart of the Day: Here’s Why the Recovery Has Been So Weak
The Success Sequence Is Extremely Misleading And Impossible To Code
Social Security Cuts Are Fairly Popular If You Talk About Them Right
Fixing Hot Metro Stations Will Mean Digging up Connecticut Avenue (this isn’t getting fixed by 2016. No way in hell)
Modern Times, old economy
WMATA Apologizes for Flawless Metro Ride
Workers Are Losing Manufacturing Jobs Because of Policy, Not NYT’s Mysterious “Tectonic Forces”
Iowa Radio Host Jan Mickelson Is Okay With Bringing Back Slavery
What happened to New Orleans’ veteran black teachers?
What Failing Schools?

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