Links 7/31/15

Links for you. Science:

Soil-Dwelling Fungus Rode Joplin Tornado to Unexpected Human Home
Olympic teams to swim, boat in Rio’s filth (no Olympian should run the risk of hepatitis. Insane)
Golden jackal: A new wolf species hiding in plain sight (this is how you do science journalism)
How did you get that job: designing a parachute for NASA’s Mars rover
An Immersive Game Shows How Easily Segregation Arises—and How We Might Fix It


Club Dread (I don’t even know what the craziest thing in this story is)
The manufactured trucker shortage (excellent)
Kentucky man shoots down drone hovering over his backyard
Here’s how this lion-killing dentist thing is going to play out
The US should start treating all criminals more like white-collar criminals
Ferguson Prisoner Beaten by Cops Has Won His Appeal
About those charter school wait lists
Police brutality is a problem for everyone
Sandra Bland was Also Right
Names of Planned Parenthood employees leaked following cyber attack
Bernie Sanders is electable, just not for the usual reasons
Armed Confederate supporters interrupt black child’s birthday party with racial slurs, death threats
Can a Public Defender Really Handle 700 Cases a Year?
Lawyers offered to pay this street band to stop playing. It said ‘no.’
Not just Boston: Why no one wants to host the Olympics anymore
Somerville traffic stop leads to questions about arrest tactics

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