Links 7/20/15

Links for you. Science:

4 predictions about nanopore sequencing in the next 12 months
How To Make Better Health Predictions From Our Gut Microbes
Data analysis: Create a cloud commons
We Could Have Reached Pluto 19 Years Ago If Not For Nixon’s NASA
New whale research project really blows


Selecting The Next Librarian of Congress: What librarians would like to see in the #nextLoC
The father of the American shopping mall hated what he created
How Hip-Hop Is Becoming the Oldies
The Pink Ghetto of Social Media: In news organizations, female leaders outnumber men in only one division. What does that mean for the future of women in the newsroom?
Papal Panic! Could the Pope’s Visit Be a Giant, Embarrassing Flop?
Repeat after me: Abortion regret is not a thing
Oklahoma Republican Party compares food stamps to feeding wild animals
Voter-Suppression Law Goes to Court in North Carolina
What Explains the Remaining Support For NCLB Testing?
The South or the Nation?
Want to know how to curse like a proper American? Have a look at these maps
Group Behind Planned Parenthood Sting Video May Have Tricked IRS, Donors
Steve King didn’t just come out as Latino — what he said was far more insulting
Malaka Of The Week: David Frum

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