The Republicans’ Difficult Choice

I’m glad the Democrats forced this choice, but it indicates just how far the Republicans have fallen (boldface mine):

House Republicans were forced to pull a controversial spending bill on Thursday because too many lawmakers wanted to preserve the Confederate flag in National Parks and cemeteries.

The obvious story there was that many Republicans in Congress still have an attachment to a symbol of slavery and oppression, as evidenced by their refusal to condemn the controversial flag. But the less obvious story was that this spending bill — which the Environmental Protection Agency considered to be a disaster — was essentially defeated. That bill would have cut the agency’s funding by $718 million and prohibited some landmark environmental regulations, including the Obama administration’s proposed rules to tackle climate change and protect drinking water.

If the bill passed, it probably wouldn’t have become law (Obama had promised to veto it). But it could have served as a jumping off point for negotiations with the Obama administration about what the EPA’s budget would be for the next fiscal year, according to Lukas Ross, a climate and energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth. If it passed, House Republicans could have proven that there was momentum and political will to impose steep cuts and restrictions on the EPA.

Now, Ross said, the effort “looks like it’s dead.”

…Still, the situation is a little awkward. The EPA actively rallied against the House appropriations bill, so this would seem like a win for the agency. But it also seems distasteful to gloat about an environmental win when it only happened because too many Republican lawmakers wanted to preserve a symbol of slavery.

I guess what used to be called the ‘monied interests’ don’t always win.

While ‘gloating’ isn’t in order, reminding people that the Republican base is so twisted up in their hatred that they can’t even pass their economic agenda (as awful as it is) seems to definitely be in order. Because bigotry is an essential part of the Republican coalition.

Seems noteworthy, though we didn’t hear much about it in the national media. Odd.

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