Things D.C. Restaurateurs Say About Boston That I Do Not Think Are True

There’s a sandwich shop opening in D.C. (boldface mine):

“Beef n Bread is a fast casual down to earth sandwich shop inspired from living in Boston (what pizza is to New Yorkers, Roast beef is to Bostonians) I lived there like 4 years. It’s also inspired from NY and CA. Combined with our unique homemade sauces.”

I lived there, like, 9 years, and the Northeast for a quarter century. Never heard of this roast beef thing*. EVAH.

*Sure, Boston has a couple of good places to get steak and prime rib. But so do most reasonably sized cities.

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5 Responses to Things D.C. Restaurateurs Say About Boston That I Do Not Think Are True

  1. BobTerrace says:

    Crab, lobstah, corn bread, cod, baked beans, cranberries, Dunkin’.

    Roast beef – meh.

  2. Ned says:

    Here’s to old Boston, the home of the bean and the scrod…
    But I do remember a shop (Betty’s??) near Harvard Square back in the 1960’s that served hugely thick roast beef sandwiches.

  3. rozzieguy says:

    Maybe he’s thinking of Kelly’s up in Revere? Or the late, lamented Buzzy’s at Charles Circle, where people would buy sandwiches and then toss them over the wall to the prisoners in the jail?

    • Chris G says:

      Kelly’s and Buzzy’s were the two that came to mind. I hadn’t heard about people tossing sandwiches over the wall. Did hear it rumored that most of the staff were ex-residents of the jail though.

      (Did The Tasty do roast beef or just burgers?)

  4. Gym Guy says:

    It’s not boston, but Roast Beef is HUGE all throughout the north shore. It still blows my mind that most boston residents have no idea.

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