Links 7/4/15

Gut Yontif U.S.A.! Let’s celebrate with some links:

Carreyed Away
Cuba has just eliminated HIV transmission between mother and baby
The Odds Of The Next Rocket Failure Are Not Small
How to soar on Venus: The first human colonies might not be on the surface of Mars, but amidst the clouds of Venus.
Which Hunt?


After gay marriage, expect social amnesia (excellent)
Confederate flag activist’s dad humbled by her courage
The eurozone has become a murder-suicide pact
On the economics of the Neolithic Revolution
The GOP May Regret Its Lasting Battle Against Gay Marriage
China Is a Communist Success Story. Kinda.
How Colleges Stop Depressed Students From Returning To Campus: Students deemed too risky for campus are put on medical leave that can end up being permanent. How can schools balance students’ rights with campus safety concerns?
We Are Not a Nation of Freelancers
Bitcoin is unstable (lots of people seem to forget that the information age has expensive physical infrastructure)
So-called ‘free trade’ agreements should be strongly opposed
Women’s Soccer Is a Feminist Issue
Teacher: I am not against Common Core or testing — but here’s my line in the sand
Oxford English Dictionary makes ‘Masshole’ official
Here’s Some Stupid for Lunch: The Idiocy of Glenn Grothman
The Blatant Ignorance of Republican Presidential Candidates

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