Links 7/2/15

Links for you. Science:

The equality of pain
The Nobel Prize Is Bad And We Should Feel Bad
Long-Exposure Photographs of a New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Wormsby
5,200 Days in Space
A scientist just raised 4 serious questions about the blood test that made Elizabeth Holmes a billionaire


Wingnuts’ Confederate flag crisis: Why they can’t admit who’s really responsible for Dixie’s latest defeat
The Inside Story of Hobby Lobby’s New Bible Museum on the National Mall
‘A Flower for the Graves’
“Progressive” Obama: He’s Melting, He’s Melting
The Silver Bullet That Will Create A Progressive South Doesn’t Exist
Why Chicago Won’t Go Bankrupt—And Detroit Didn’t Have To
How Victim-Blaming Led to the Rape Kit Backlog
Privatize Metro? Be careful what you wish for. (there’s no a priori reason to think, given how easy it is to buy local politicians, that a private company would be held any more accountable)
Does your church ban gay marriage? Then it should start paying taxes.
Are they defending the Redskins name or the Confederate flag? (I got 10/16)
Dear county clerk refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples: Get a new job
The Confederacy Won the Peace
Audit: School Modernization Agencies Broke Rules, Didn’t Keep Track of Money
One Industry That Will Hate Obama’s New Overtime Rules: The Media (or they could just pay their workers more than the $50,440 annual salary overtime threshold. SLATEPITCH!)

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