Links 6/26/15

Links for you. Science:

Yup, this happened: “Mystery” writer impersonated cardiovascular pathologist, penned published letter
You Won’t Think the Platypus Is So Cute if You Feel the Excruciating Pain of Its Venom
Ancient Human With 10 Percent Neanderthal Genes Found
Why the bee crisis isn’t as bad as you think (but still matters)–note that wild bees are getting hammered as well, and that’s not considered a crisis
Silent and Deadly: Fatal Farts Immobilize Prey


Jailed for Being Broke
North Carolina strips $3 million from law school in possible retaliation over voter ID criticism
TPP fight illustrates Left’s depth problem
Disruption, scandals, clashes had dogged Dallas ISD’s Mike Miles (the reality of reform is incompetence)
The lesson of Greece is that Europe is run by functional socipaths or psychopaths
Male overcompensation is toxic even when it’s not violent
The outrageous treatment of one of the nation’s most outstanding teachers
Facebook won’t allow us to promote our story on Google’s war against the homeless
FBI Watched Live Streams During Height of Ferguson Protests & Reported ‘Crimes’ to Police
The Stiff Competition to Work in German Prisons
Good riddance to the Confederate battle flag. But let’s keep in mind what a baby step this really is
Rabbit pummels snake to protect her baby
Going along to get along
Silicon Valley Is a Big Fat Lie
Even the governor of South Carolina wants to get rid of the Confederate battle flag flying over its capitol. But SC voters probably won’t agree to do it.
The Biggest Problem With San Francisco’s Rent Crisis: The suburbs.
THE DEAD-ENDER (make sure you read the update at the bottom)

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  1. onkelbob says:

    Re: The homeless in Venice Beach. This is old news and was going on before Google arrived. Of course Pando (and apparently you) can’t pass up an opportunity at hippie, errr, geek punching. I would invoke Henry’s poor law, and demand the church employ the sturdy poor and house the invalid poor. Scientologists have plenty of space.

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