The Uncharacteristic Anti-Keynesianism of ACA Opponents

Sure, those who vehemently oppose the ACA (‘Obamacare’)–conservatives–say they’re not Keynesians, but, in reality, they do love themselves that massive Keynesian stimulus. Which brings us to a point we’ve made many times before–and is stated very clearly by Kevin Drum (who seems to be doing better healthwise; boldface mine):

A few middle-class users with pre-existing conditions will still take advantage of it, which will cause either a big death spiral or a little one among insurance companies, but rates will surely go up. Bottom line: the extent of the chaos is a little hard to predict, but for all practical purposes Obamacare goes away in red states.

But in blue states? It’s business as usual. California will continue to hoover up federal subsidies and its exchanges will be open for business as usual. Ditto for the liberal hellholes of New York and Illinois and so forth.

Bottom line: We will have a thriving social welfare program for health care in the blue states—funded by everyone‘s tax dollars—and nothing in the red states. Is that tolerable? Is it sustainable? Red states won’t be able to do much about it, aside from caving in and tacitly supporting Obamacare by starting up their own exchanges.

It’s one think to occasionally sip the Kool-Aid but the Republicans seem to have undergone full-immersion baptism in it. Though I suppose one could think of it as a clawback of sorts, especially regarding the South, for all of that massive subsidy.

Nonetheless, the apparent belief by Republican leadership in their own propaganda to the point where they are willing to immiserate their own states is remarkable and terrifying.

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